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When you arrive as a new patient for your professional dental cleaning, our friendly and caring team ensures that you feel comfortable from start to finish. Each step of the cleaning process will be explained by our staff to ensure you are well informed of the entire procedure. Call or make an appointment online today.

We Provide Professional Dental Cleanings

Too many times we have seen firsthand or heard horror stories about patients who have visited other dental offices and not received correct dental cleaning treatment. Have you been made to feel like your cleaning is not important and received a floss and polish lasting 20 minutes from a hygienist, assistant or even a doctor? Have you left feeling like you paid a lot of money for someone to give you a “quick cleaning” to find you still have irritation in the gums or teeth when you left.

Unfortunately this still happens and is regarded as patient negligence and poor practice. Often this is not at the fault of the dental staff; they are just being poorly managed and told to cut corners to get more patients through the door. You should only ever have a professional cleaning from a registered Hygienist or Doctor, NEVER an assistant or other member of staff!  It is only acceptable that an assistant can help with polishing and flossing after the treatment has taken place.

At Alegria Dental Care we care about our patients and want to ensure the best quality of professional dental cleanings at a reasonable price. It starts in the home by you cleaning and flossing twice a day, it is advised that you have two professional cleanings a year, based on the doctor's recommendations this can vary. By keeping on top of your oral health this can help to prevent further problems which can be timely and expensive.

What does your dental cleaning appointment involve?

  • Your appointment will be booked for 1hr (times may vary by patient) with our registered hygienist.
  • Oral history will be checked based on our records, if you are a new patient your first exam with the doctor will be our starting point.
  • Mouth will be observed using a light and mirror.
  • Tools are used gently to remove any hardened pieces of plaque, tartar and buildup.
  • Floss is used between all teeth and polishing compound is used to polish upper and lower teeth.
  • Everyone receives a goody bag to take home!

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