5 Reasons You Should Consider Veneers

5 Reasons You Should Consider Veneers

Year after year, veneers remain one of the most popular dental treatments. Are you wondering if veneers can improve your smile? Stefanie Sunnes, DMD, at Alegria Dental Care in Houston  wants you to be aware of your options. Below is an in-depth look at five reasons you should consider dental veneers.

1. Veneers take less time than orthodontic treatment

If you have gaps between your teeth, or if your teeth are crooked, you might need years of expensive orthodontic treatment to fix them. However, if your concern is mostly cosmetic rather than functional, veneers can give you a faster, cheaper solution. Veneers can fill gaps and give the appearance of straight teeth quickly.

2. Veneers can cover chips and cracks

One of the most common uses for veneers is to cover chips and cracks in your teeth. Veneers, which are usually cheaper than crowns, can provide a similar restoration cosmetically. Additionally, veneers can help strengthen teeth that have cracks and help prevent further cracking. Furthermore, unlike crowns, which can require much of your tooth’s enamel to be filed down, a veneer can be placed with minimal loss of your tooth’s enamel.  

3. Veneers can make teeth white when bleaching won’t work

If you’re looking for a brighter smile, that usually means bleaching your teeth. However, there are some situations when bleaching won’t work. For these situations, veneers can provide a safe alternative.

Veneers may be a better option than bleaching if you have deep stains in the dentin of your teeth, which can be caused by tooth damage, excessive exposure to fluoride, or exposure to tetracycline antibiotics at a young age. Your dentin can also discolor as you age.

Dr. Sunnes will be able to tell what type of discoloration you have based on an examination, and she will let you know if you are a candidate for veneers or bleaching.

4. Veneers can reduce tooth sensitivity

If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold due to eroded enamel, Dr. Sunnes may be able to reduce your sensitivity by applying veneers. If your enamel erodes due to age, overzealous brushing, or exposure to acids, your dentin can become exposed. This creates sensitivity. Veneers act as a replacement enamel, protecting your dentin from exposure. However, you are only a candidate for veneers if you still have some enamel left for the veneer to bond with. Otherwise, you might need to pursue other options, such as a crown.

You should also know that some people experience a period of increased sensitivity after veneers are placed. This usually fades over the first few weeks, but you should discuss this with Dr. Sunnes if you have naturally sensitive teeth.  

5. Veneers are a lasting solution  

Veneers can last for years and sometimes even decades. This makes them a good choice for a lasting, positive change to your smile. However, you need to care for your veneers just like your normal teeth. Veneers can still stain when exposed to excessive amounts of wine or coffee. Additionally, if the teeth your veneers are bonded to decay, your veneers will likely have to be removed to restore your teeth. Finally, if your gums recede, your roots will become exposed, and your veneers may no longer be suitable for your teeth.

You should brush and floss your veneers just as you would your regular teeth. You should also come in for regular checkups with Dr. Sunnes, so she can detect any problems when they are still small.

If you’d like to learn how veneers can improve your smile, book an appointment online or over the phone with Alegria Dental Care today.